Top 5 FABITHERAPHY post on Social Media

I want to celebrate with you the growth, reach, and interaction of our virtual community on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube; we owe it to them. This is why we are launching this section that will be updated monthly and where you will see the Top 5 of my publications that have been viral, highlighted, the […]

Tips for promoting good posture in children

Tips for parents on promoting good posture in children Did you know that many posture problems in adults begin in childhood? Because of this, you should make sure your children learn the importance of good posture from an early age – whether they are walking, sitting, sleeping, or even playing. By doing so, they will […]

Seven benefits of babies walking barefoot

Seven benefits of babies walking barefoot Do you ever worry about your child walking barefoot? Take it easy! The benefits of walking barefoot are endless for growing children. Foot health is extremely important because all bodyweight rests on them, but they are not often given the attention they deserve. A person’s ability to walk actively, […]

Is your child being bullied at school?

How to identify when your child is being bullied at school There is an increasing prevalence of bullying in schools which parents and school staff should not tolerate or normalize. Victims of bullying are at risk of serious, and sometimes fatal, consequences. It damages victims’ self-esteem, induces depression, anxiety, and negatively impacts academic performance. Usually, […]

Taking care of children with acrophobia

Taking care of children with acrophobia Fear of heights, also known as acrophobia, is very common in childhood. However, during the first months, babies are naive to the fear or phobias associated with many situations. In this stage of their lives, even after suffering from falls, accidents, and scares, they are willing to repeat actions […]